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  • Abhishek Roy

The Bubble Bot

The bubble bot is derived from our philosophy of always thinking of introducing disruptive solutions that seek to eliminate human effort in manual and laborious tasks. The idea is to create a product which is incredibly flexible as a platform and not simply dedicated to a single function or industry. In short, the bubble is the metaphorical equivalent of quadcopters to wall scaling vehicles.

What's the purpose of this robot?

The aim of the bubble bot is to compensate for the limitations of current technologies in unmanned vehicles. As versatile quadcopter drones may sound, there are severe limitations to their operations in industries that require operation of unmanned vehicles in closed and narrow spaces. Also the precision with which this vehicle can operate within closed spaces far surpasses any other such technology in the market, which makes it the best tool to survey and operate with greater accuracy. Intended applications for the bot (industries) and the execution plan.Applications for the bot range from the asset management industries to surveillance and inspection as of now. We picture using these bots from a centralized location and equip them with a certain degree of autonomous responses to perform their tasks at sight, hence reducing the need for engaging excessive manpower.Potential industries we target initially would be in the area of building glazing and facade cleaning where we could offer the service of cleaning against a subscription service. All equipment will be owned by the company and manpower will be provided by us.

What's unique about the Bubble Bot?

The new thing that we stumbled upon with this project is that we have developed a new platform which shows potential for scalability. For example - Quad copters have such a platform on which the same design can be minimized and enlarged based on the requirements. Similarly what we have done is create a new platform. Normally such products require a particular infrastructure to implement its function whereas the bubble aims to be modular and can perform without any specific infrastructural needs. Bubble can run across varied surfaces against gravity, transitioning from ground to wall clearing 90 degrees surfaces.

The innovation within the bubble is the system we use to stick to walls. Unlike other systems that can adhere to walls, the bubble mimics the effect of gravity using thrust to be pushed against surfaces instead of sticking to them. This difference allows the vehicle to be driven on any surface against gravity just like how a car would drive on roads.

The path ahead

We see our best opportunity in the service and lease models. We hope to retain ownership of these vehicles instead of handing them over to customers for many reasons such as customer education on how to use the vehicles, gaining data from the operation of bots and to follow a model that allows us to sell an additional service to our customers. We plan to tie up with existing asset management companies within ‘A’ cities in India and Asian subcontinent for our initial rollout. Maintaining a subscription/ service based model would allow us to streamline our customer service protocols as well.

Perhaps some day in the future we will see these robots along with many others of its kind present everywhere, improving our lives and keeping the environment clean and safe for all.

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